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Digital Nomad Bootcamp

This bootcamp is for digital nomads who want to learn web development to build their own small SaaS business or to be remote freelancers.

Would you like to learn a new and in-demand skills that will help you land your dream job?

Or do you want to become a remote freelancer that gets to travel the world and works from wherever you want?

Or perhaps you have a business idea for a great web service that you want to build and make money from it?

The first step to achieve this is to learn how to code. And what better way than to attend this intensive 9-week coding bootcamp. What’s even better is that it’s a part-time course, which means you’ll have enough free time to discover Málaga and even work on the side. The course will be held in English.

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Course program

  • Lessons 1-6: Intro to front-end development with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. Also GIT is introduced here.
  • Lessons 7-13: Programming fundamentals. We use Python at this course, but these fundamentals apply to any programming language.
  • Lessons 14-24: Backend web development with serverless technology (GAE) and APIs.
  • Lessons 25-28: SQL databases and how to properly design a database.
  • Lessons 29-34: Advanced backend development.
  • Lessons 35-36: The basics of JavaScript and jQuery to make your web application more interactive.

The bootcamp is very practice-oriented. During the course you’ll develop more than 20 smaller (and one larger) projects which will help you get important coding mileage. You will also include all your projects to GitHub which can serve as a sort of your personal coding CV.

SmartNinja Bootcamp Students

Dates and location

The bootcamp will be held in Málaga at The Living Room Coworking. If you go for the addition coworking package, you can keep using the space during your spare time to get your homework done or study on your own.

The lessons will be held 5-times per week. The exact dates and time slots are yet to be decided, so please apply below if you’re interested and let us know what dates would suit you the most.

We can also help you find the accomodation for the time you’ll spent in Málaga.

The Living Room Coworking


The price will depend on the number of students we can find. The more the cheaper. Pre-inscribe now via the form below and we'll get in touch as soon as we have a good crowd.

There's more... :)

While in Málaga, you'll be able to learn some Spanish too! The Bootcamp will be held in English, but you'll meet plenty of interesting locals and you'll learn a word or two in Spanish from them. You can start with our application form below. Let us give you some guidance:

  • Nombre: first name
  • Apellido: last name
  • Dirección email: email address
  • ¿Quieres comentarnos algo más?: Would you like to tell us anything else?
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